Careful management of children’s playground safety

Careful management of children’s playground safety

Under the theme of ‘Sustainable and Intelligent Mobile Revolution‘, the 2019 Seoul Motor Show, which was held for ten days, ended on July 7.

The organizing committee of the Seoul Motor Show said that a total of 628,000 visitors had visited for ten days. The organizers said that the number of visitors increased slightly based on various contents that families can enjoy together with games and safety experience.

What was the content and convenience for family members at the 2019 Seoul Motor Show and how did the actual visitors rate it?At this motor show, the ‘Car Safety Experience Corner’ was held at the 9th hall of the 2nd exhibition hall, where the Korea Transportation Safety Corporation, Korea Highway Corporation and Hyundai Motor participated. Three experiential programs that can be used with the children attracted family visitors.

At first, Hyundai built a traffic safety classroom pop-up store with Robo Carpoli at this motor show. In the field, parents and children were able to experience experiential programs such as crosswalk education and bicycle safety education.

Program Educator Representative Safety Life Practice Mr. Choi, a team leader of the Citizens’ Alliance, said, “We are carrying out experiential education such as making animations using children’s favorite Robocapoli characters effectively.” In addition to the hypothesis space installed at the motor show, We are able to experience more various events in ‘Carpole Traffic Safety Playground’. ”

Oh Jun-seo, who had a 17-month-old child and a motor show, said, “I had a good experience in safety education with Robocapoli prepared by Hyundai Motor.”Korea Highway Traffic Corporation operated an experiential traffic safety education center using virtual reality devices. ‘AR (augmented reality) coloring workbook’ for children, and contents that adults can participate in were prepared.

“We have set up a publicity booth in order to contribute to the prevention of traffic accidents through experiential education using virtual reality devices,” said Yoon Duk-joon, deputy director of the Korea Road Traffic Corporation.Korea Highway Corporation has installed two types of safety belts.

It was possible to indirectly experience the traffic accidents when wearing the safety belt and when not using the revolving type and the hybrid type experience such as turning the vehicle 360 ​​degrees when boarding the apparatus installed in the experiential hall. Children had to wear safety belts for safety.Now take a look at how these features of 안전놀이터.

According to Yoon Boram, a representative of the Korea Highway Corporation, “Citizens are highly conscious about wearing seat belts in the front seat, but they are relatively less conscious about wearing seat belts in the rear seat.” Without the safety belts, the fatal rate is 7 times higher during traffic accidents. .

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